Armadillo Poem

A Backwoods Bard Sings the Praise
of His Favorite Armadillo

Some folks think armadillos only live in Texas,
But I know that ain’t always true,
’Cause armadillos are the kind of critters
That are mainly real in a man’s heart.

I even hear they don’t like cold,
And I reckon that mostly that’s true —
They most times like t’ curl up in their little ball
And feel the warmth of love all about ’em.

(When a man’s got a cold heart in ’im
You can be pretty sure he ain’t goin’ to have no armadillo.)

I hear tell some folks like to race the little fellers
Across the wide plains and through city streets;
But those folks just don’t know (I feel right sorry for ’em)
That dillos’re best when left to snuggle round
With their little soft noses ticklin’ the ground.

And though they got a hard shell they tote around,
An armadillo’s got a soft heart that’s real gentle —
..... and hurts easy;

That’s why I cherish mine and will love her always.
She’s my little armadillo, and will be forever.

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