Armadillo Music

Racing Armadillos
Racing Armadillos

For our twentieth wedding anniversary, my husband wrote me a sonatina for saxophone and piano. The last movement of the sonatina is subtitled, “The Armadillo Races at Victoria, Texas.” Since it’s the only piece of classical music I know of about the armadillo, I thought I’d add an audio of it to my collection on the web. After all, the swan had its Saint-Saëns and the wolf had its Prokofiev ... I guess now the armadillo has its Craton!

A few years later, at the behest of a violinist in California, my husband transcribed the sonatina for violin and piano, and even later he made an arrangement for band, so you can now choose which version you’d prefer to listen to. Just click on the appropriate play button below.

You can also listen to another short piece about the armadillo for piano solo from a collection of animal pieces titled Bag o’ Tails. Simply click on the play button next to the title to hear it.

“The Armadillo Races at Victoria, Texas”
Copyright © 1998 & 2001 by John Craton

Violin and Piano version

Wind ensemble (band) version

“The Armadillo” from Bag o’ Tails
Copyright © 2001 by John Craton

“The Armadillo” (piano solo)

If you’d like to hear the whole sonatina or the complete Bag o’ Tails, you can find them on my husband’s music page.

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