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This page is devoted to the research of the ancestry and lineage of Thomas Howell Craton (1784-1870) of Paulding County, Georgia. Considered the patriarch of the Paulding County Cratons and their descendants, Thomas Howell is the earliest confirmed ancestor of our line.

Because this site is under perpetual construction (or at least it is whenever I find the time to work on it), I encourage you to check this location frequently if you have any interest in the Craton surname or any of the ancillary family lines. I would like to add data as time permits and as more information becomes available.

This page was established with a preliminary report on some fairly recent research conducted on the ancestry of Thomas Howell Craton (check under Features below). While not all the information in this report has been completely authenticated, much of the data will help shed more light on his origins and parentage and hopefully will elicit further discussion and research.

Feedback is welcome from all researchers interested in our family lines. Although I cannot always promise a speedy response, I do (eventually) reply to all serious inquiries.

If you have old photographs, diaries, journals, or other personal artifacts or information about our ancestors, please let me know. As this page progresses I would like to try to publish as much of this type of material as possible. Sadly, although the site has been online now for eight years, very little new information has been submitted. I am especially interested in locating a photograph or painting of Thomas Howell Craton. I was contacted a number of years ago by someone who claims to know of such a painting and who promised to send a photograph of it to use on the website, but nothing has ever materialized. If you have such a photo or know to whom I should write to get more information about this painting, I would be deeply grateful.

Who am I?

My name is John Douglas Craton, and I am the son of Joseph Arthur (“Buck”) Craton and Johnnie Sue Adams of Anniston, Alabama. Buck was the youngest child of Joe Brown Craton (originally of Paulding County, Georgia) and Ethel Arbella Atkins. I currently reside in Indiana with my wife and three sons. You can learn more about me (if you're in need of bedtime reading) by going to my home page. Just click on my name above.

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