Albert and Terrell Dowdey ca. 1894

Albert Benjamin and John Terrell Dowdey, ca. 1894

(From a tintype)

John Terrell was about four years old in this picture, which is from a tintype. Terrell would be the first to succomb to the disease that would eventually kill all but two of the family. He died at age 10 shortly before the rest of the family moved to Texas in hopes the dryer climate would spare them. Daughter Annie Pearl (below) would succomb at age 16 while in Texas. This closeup of Pearl is from a photograph taken in Hopeful, Alabama, in December 1903 when she was 15. My grandmother loved her sister Pearl very much, and even in her old age I can well remember tears coming to her eyes quite often when she would speak of her, 50 years after her death. Perhaps because my grandmother loved and admired her so much, Pearl has come to have a special place in my heart as well may her memory be eternal.
Annie Pearl Dowdey 1903

Annie Pearl Dowdey, December 1903, age 15

(b. 14 Sept 1888, d. 15 Jan 1905)

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