Byrd and John Hoyt Adams

John Hoyt Adams (right) and brother Byrd Adams, ca. 1915

Dowdey & Adams familes, 1924

John H. Adams family & Grady Dowdey family, 13 June 1924

(Left to right: Mavis Adams, Allie Dowdey, Grady Dowdey, Ellen Dowdey Adams holding infant Johnnie Sue Adams, John Hoyt Adams, Terrell Adams)
In this photograph my mother is the infant held in Grandmotherís arms and is only 36 days old. One of the significant things about this photograph is that it captures the only surviving children of Albert Benjamin Dowdey in my grandmother (Mary Ellen) and great-uncle (Grady Dowdey).

Click HERE for photo of Terrell Adams.

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