Family Group Sheets

Though few, I have compiled family group sheets for the following:

ADAMS, Albert (m. Mary Jane Elizabeth BANNISTER)
ADAMS, Elias (m. Elizabeth HARRIS)
ADAMS, James (m. Polly or Mary ---?---)
ADAMS, James Albert (m. Mary Ann Manilla CLARK)
ADAMS, John Hoyt (m. Mary Ellen DOWDEY)
CRATON, John Douglas (m. Deborah Jane WILLIAMS)
CRATON, Joseph Arthur (m. Johnnie Sue ADAMS)
CRATON, Joseph Brown (m. Ethel Arbella ATKINS)
CRATON, Joshua Ervin (m. Amanda ROBERSON)
CRATON, Thomas Howell (m. Sarah Ann RASOR)
CRATON, William Isaac (m. Phereba E. ADAIR)
CRATON, William Thomas (m. Bathsheba CRAIG)
DOWDEY, Albert Benjamin (m. Nancy Areacy PARNELL)

Hopefully we will have many more as time permits. If you have information to add to these sheets, please write to me at Thanks!
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