Family Group Sheet for
Michael Dowdey

Born: ca. 1800                         Place: GA
Marr: ----------                       Place: ?GA?
Died: ----------                       Place: ----------
Burial Place: AL
Father: Robin DOWDEY
Mother: ----------
Husband's Other Wives: 

WIFE: Hannah Abercrombie BAXTER Born: ---------- Place: GA Died: ---------- Place: AL Burial Place: AL Father: ---------- Mother: ---------- Wife's Other Husbands: ----- BAXTER

CHILDREN: Name: Robert Marian DOWDEY Born: 1835 Place: AL Marr: 1850 To: Nancy BREEDWELL Died: ---------- Place: CHILDREN: Name: Michael Rubin DOWDEY Born: 1 May 1836 Place: AL Marr: 1858 To: Pheba NALLS Died: ---------- Place: CHILDREN: Name: Isaac Newton DOWDEY Born: 1838 Place: AL Marr: 1863 To: Mary Ann HOLLINGSWORTH Died: ---------- Place: CHILDREN: Name: Eliza DOWDEY Born: 1837 Place: AL Marr: (1) 1865 To: Harvie JOHNSON Marr: (2) 1867 To: ----- SHEAPARD Died: ---------- Place: CHILDREN: Name: Elizabeth (Betty) DOWDEY Born: 1840 Place: AL Marr: 1861 To: Washington JOHNSON Died: ---------- Place: CHILDREN: Name: Monroe Harrison DOWDEY Born: 22 Nov 1845 Place: AL Marr: 23 Oct 1864 To: Josephine WILLIAMS Died: 23 Jun 1899 Place: Warrior (Jefferson) AL CHILDREN: Name: David A.J. DOWDEY Born: 1848 Place: AL Marr: ---------- To: Died: 1862, age 14 Place: Battle of Shilo, MS

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