Word Guide

Pronunciation Guide

ala — (AHL-ah). A type of Sumerian drum.

Anunna — (ah-NOON-nah). Underworld servants of Ereshkigal.

anzu — (AN-zoo). A mythical bird of ancient Sumerian legend.

Arali — (AHR-ah-lee). A steppe (mostly desert) southwest of Sumer.

Dumuzi — (DOO-moo-zee). A shepherd. Husband of Inanna and brother of Geshtinanna.

Gugalanna — (goo-guh-LAHN-nah). Inanna’s childhood friend and husband of Ereshkigal.

Enki — (EHN-kee). God of wisdom, water, and medicine.

Ereshkigal — (ehr-esh-KEE-gal). Sister of Inanna and Queen of the Underworld.

Eridu — (EHR-i-doo). An ancient city in Sumer.

galatur — (GAHL-ah-toor). A sexless being created by Enki to save Inanna.

galla — (GAHL-lah). Sumerian devils.

Geshtinanna — (gesh-tee-NAH-na). Sister of Dumuzi and friend of Inanna.

huluppu — (hoo-LOOP-oo). A mythical tree of ancient Sumerian legend.

Inanna — (ee-NAHN-nah). Queen of Heaven, goddess of love and battle. Sister of Utu.

kurgarra — (koor-GAR-rah). A sexless being created by Enki to save Inanna.

Lilith — (LIL-ith). A female demon who dwells in dark places and is notorious for attacking children; a Sumerian boogeyman.

me — (MAY). A Sumerian word for great supernatural power, similar to mana.

Ninshubur — (neen-SHOO-boor). Inanna’s vizier and confidant.

Sumer — (SOO-mer). The ancient kingdom in which our opera takes place.

Ur — (OOR). The ancient Sumerian city over which Inanna rules as chief diety.

Uruk — (OOR-rook). Another city of ancient Sumer.

Utu — (OO-too). Inanna’s brother and friend of Dumuzi.

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