On this page you can listen to and play along with the first seven of Wohlfahrtís Sixty Studies, Op. 45. These sound files will help you with intonation and tempo, if you use them properly. Be sure to follow the directions carefully before beginning.

First, it is necessary that you have the Scorch plug-in on your computer. If you do not have the plug-in, you can download it free here. This is a relatively small file that will not take long to download, and it is compatible with most operating systems. Scorch will allow you not only to view and listen to these files but also will give you the opportunity to sample literally thousands of other music files on the web.

If you have Scorch, simply click on the exercise you wish to study. Once the window opens, you should see the music score on your monitor. To play the score, click on the first note of the music. You will probably want to begin practicing playing along with the music at a slower tempo than what the music normally plays. You can adjust the tempo easily by sliding the tempo bar to the left or right (see below).

Tempo Bar

Moving the bar to the left will slow the music down, and sliding it to the right will increase the playback speed. Neither will alter the pitch, so you can play along at the speed that is comfortable for you. Play it first at a slow tempo, making sure your playing is in tune with the music. As you become more proficient, gradually increase the tempo until you can play it with the tempo bar in the middle or perhaps even slightly faster. Donít try playing it faster than you can play it yourself comfortably and in tune.

Before beginning one of the Wohlfahrt exercises, you should make sure your violin is in tune with the computer. You can tune each string by clicking on the following:

Tune the E String
Tune the A String
Tune the D String
Tune the G String

When your instrument is in tune and youíre ready to begin, click on the exercise you want to play. Thatís all there is to it!

Wohlfahrt Sixty Studies

Op. 45, No. 1
Op. 45, No. 2
Op. 45, No. 3
Op. 45, No. 4
Op. 45, No. 5
Op. 45, No. 6
Op. 45, No. 7

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