The Haunted Lawrence County Project

I have decided to take a break from composing for a bit to look into the possibility of writing another book instead. At this point it is all just in the thinking stage and may never come about; but if it does this will be my sixth book. And who knows? Maybe it would be one that would actually sell a few copies.

To proceed with this project I definitely will need the help of Lawrence County residents. My idea is to see if I can gether enough information to put together a book of stories or legends about alleged area hauntings or other paranormal events. Whether these are actually true does not really matter at this point, but I would like to begin collecting anecdotal information about alleged ghostly sightings and see if there may be enough to warrant a book-length treatment.

If you have read my book on the paranormal you will know already that I am a skeptic where these things are concerned. But like most people, I still enjoy a good ghost story and enjoy reading about and investigating all such alleged sightings. What they are I will leave up to the serious investigators. For now I am interested merely in collecting stories.

And there’s the rub. Although I have lived in Lawrence County now for 24 years, I have heard very few tales of supernatural occurrences in these parts. I cannot imagine that an area that has been settled as long as ours does not have oodles of strange tales floating about, so I can only surmise that for some reason people have chosen not to share them with a “newcomer” like me. I have heard of some of the strange events that are alleged to have taken place around the train tunnel in Tunnelton and of the chain cross on the tombstone in the Bond Chapel cemetery, but beyond that I am oblivious to nearly any other alleged sightings or disturbances.

So what I am asking right now is for those of you who know of such stories, whether you believe them or not, to please share them with me. To make it convenient, you may do so by going to my contact page and tell your story there. Be sure to tell whether this is something you have seen or experienced firsthand or is simply a tale you’ve heard passed down by others. If I can gather together enough tales that may interest a reading audience, perhaps I could get them put together in a nice little book. Or if nothing else, maybe one of your stories would make good fodder for another of my boring operas. Who knows?

And yes, for those of you who have asked, I am still interested in someday organizing a team to do paranormal investigations and research in the area. The problem is simply that I haven’t had the necessary time to pursue this. One of these days perhaps, but not now. I would, however, still be interested in knowing who else might be amenable to taking part in such a group. It is likely a long way off getting organized, but it is still somewhere on a back burner. If you already have expressed interest, please be patient.

Thanks for any help you can offer in this book project. Let me know if you have any questions, and especially let me know if you could share any stories. We’ll see what (if anything) comes of the project. Many thanks!

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