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Since grade school I have, on occasion, scribbled out various thoughts and ideas in semi-coherent paragraphs, most of which mercifully have been lost or discarded. When I first married I worked for several years for various magazines, periodicals, and newspapers, which only fed this bizarre compulsion. At one point I even fancied I might become an author and took time out to pen a few books. That initial plunge into book-writing resulted in the treatise on Christian ethics which can be found on this site, and I also produced two children’s books at about the same time: Beowulf: A Retelling (a portion of which appeared once long ago in an issue of Cricket magazine but has never been published in its entirety); and Archie Armadillo: Nature’s Little Knight (a children’s book about armadillos, which remains unpublished). Since that time I have authored a few other minor works (religious titles being done under the pseudonym Oswin Craton), most of which are referenced here someplace or other on the website.

This little page, I suppose, is more about books I haven’t written but would like to.

A History of Bedford High School

My wife was in the last class to graduate from Bedford High School in Indiana, and after living in Bedford for a number of years I began to learn that her old high school had a very illustrious history. Though the school existed for only (and exactly) 100 years, it saw a vast number of its sons and daughters go on to make significant contributions to society in the arts, sciences, and politics at both state and national levels. For a high school in a rather insignificant small town in the Midwest, Bedford High School had a remarkably high number of graduates become quite famous in their fields, ranging from educators, lawyers, politicians, actors, ballet dancers, authors, and journalists to doctors and astronauts. The school itself was considered one of the finest secondary schools in the state of Indiana for many years, particularly during the 1920s, and I thought it would be wonderful to tell the story of the school’s 100-year history.

My research for this proposed book led me to collect a large amount of material (mostly very old school yearbooks) and allowed me the opportunity to interview a number of wonderful people, some from graduating classes as far back as the 1920s and ’30s. Sadly, however, the project had to be abandoned when I learned that nearly all the pertinent records pertaining to the old Bedford High School had been destroyed (illegally, I might add) shortly after the school systems consolidated in 1973. Without primary-source material, any history written would rely more on anecdotal information than on historical data.

It is a great tragedy that such a remarkable history should have to go unwritten. In the course of my research I came to admire the history of my wife’s high school as being even more interesting than that of my own alma mater, and it saddens me beyond telling that certain irresponsible individuals — for whatever reason — chose to relegate this school’s illustrious history to the local landfill.

Haunted Lawrence County

Like many people, I have no idea whether ghosts are real or not, but I do enjoy a good ghost story. Nearly every area has its own lore about alleged supernatural occurrences, and I’ve no doubt Lawrence County does as well. Oddly, though I have lived here for two dozen years, I have heard very few tales of area hauntings. I feel certain that a county that has been settled as long as this one has must have a store of local tales that could fill a small book, but until people tell me about them I suppose this one too will go unwritten.

If anyone who happens upon this page would like to relate any stories they have heard of area hauntings, I would very much like to hear them. If able to gather enough such stories and to research them, I might actually buckle down and write another book ... or maybe at least one of the stories would make a good opera. Who knows?

If you would like to share some kind of paranormal tale — whether a firsthand experience or just something you’ve heard passed down — you can send it to me through my contact page. The only two such stories I am familiar with to date are those surrounding the Tunnelton tunnel and the chain cross at the Bond Chapel Cemetery near Huron. (Click here for more information on this project.)

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