The Fashionable Lady

Audio Samples

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     Act I
Air I (“When Farce and when Musick can eke out a Play”)
Air II (“The Honest Tar”)
Air III (“To show the dreadful Well that writ”)
Air IV (“The courtly Rake”)
Air V (“Arm, gentle Lordings!”)
Air VI (“A thousand Rivals round me strove”)
Air VII (“O Love, thou Source of flatt’ring Joy!”)
Air VIII (”With folded hands and watry Eye”)
Air IX (“Your Cupid, and your Hymen new”)
Air X (“Like her Pandora left the Skies”)
Air XI (“Gently, God of fond Desire!”)
Air XII (“If there’s a Man whose Gothick Lungs”)
Harlequin’s Dance attaca
Air XIII (“While sweet, smooth, and clear, Musick charms the Ear”)
Air XIV (“Dis be de fine English Signior”)
Air XV (“From Birth-Night Show”) attacca
Air XVI (“When a Lady fair, like you, Mem”)
Air XVII (“The Maid in her Prime”)
Air XVIII (“At Pleasure I’ll range”)
Air XIX (“Set up with a pretty Collection of Flies”)
Air XX (“Take heed, fair Lady”)
Air XXI (“If e’er, in Honour of the Fair”)
Air XXII (“Athwart the Wave, in martial Pride”)
Act I Curtain
     Act II
Introduction to Act II
Air XXIII (“When fond Passion thrills the Lover”)
Air XXIV (“When Woman once takes her Head to persue”)
Air XXV (“The little, wanton God”)
Air XXVI (“In this Anguish, cease to languish”)
Air XXVII (“See! see! like Venus she appears”)
Air XXVIII (“Foolish Lover! Silent Lover!”)
Air XXIX (“Oh! take me, Charmer, to thy Breast”) attacca
Air XXX (“Idle Creature!”)
Air XXXI (“Cupid, let my Lovers languish”)
Air XXXII (“The Man of Fashion”)
Air XXXIII (“For Wit, the fawning Coxcomb cries”)
Air XXXIV (“O dearest Lady!”)
Air XXXV (“Come, sweet content, and soft Repose”)
Air XXXVI (“Whate’er the Sages taught of old”)
Air XXXVII (“When first the Fair appears With all her Marriage Pride”)
Air XXXVIII (“Look round the Park, the Court, the Change”)
Air XXXIX (“What, tho’ I deck the flatter’d Fair”)
Air XL (“The Lady, with Diamonds and Laces”)
Air XLI (“Come, brave Boys, forget the Ocean”)
Sailors’ Dance
Air XLII (“You’ve heard, no doubt”)
Air XLIII (“Should the Storm blow high”)
Harlequin Binds the Sailors
Air XLIV (“Alas, alas! this Mischief grieves me sore!”)
Act II Conclusion & Curtain
     Act III
Introduction to Act III
Air XLV (“Come, ye Poets, small and greater!”) attacca
Air XLVI (“Now let’s lay our Heads together”) attacca
Air XLVII (“Spare, O spare the Hum’rous Sage”) attacca
Air XLVIII (“To Italy’s enervate Shore”)
Air XLIX (“If e’er you see a Villain smile”)
Air L (“Old Time, that leads the Seasons”)
Air LI (“Some say Women change like Wind”)
Air LII (“Have you seen a lovely Creature”)
Air LIII (“When Fashion wakes the gloomy Spleen”)
Air LIV (“Pert Tom, and modish Sue”)
Air LV (“If thoughtless of Hell”)
Air LVI (“Your old English Courtiers”)
Air LVII (“Of all that racks the Lover”)
Air LVIII (“Should e’er I whisper, Come away!”)
Air LIX (“Were I to chuse my fav’rite Charms”)
Air LX (“When Anger fires the Lover’s Heart”)
Air LXI (“The Wretch who ’scapes the Ocean”)
Air LXII (“If to your Arms”)
Air LXIII (“Smooth o’er the green Sea’s Wave”)
Air LXIV (“The Pleasure of Love is the Cause of its Pain”)
Air LXV (“Fye, fye, think of Peace”)
Interrupted Dance
Air LXVI (“While Dress and while Play is our whole Delight”)
Air LXVII (“Come, follow, follow me”) & Grand Dance
Air LXVIII (“Had you, fair Lady, deign’d to smile”)
Act III Curtain

All music copyright © 2007 by John Craton (ASCAP)

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