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About Me

Me Hi! I guess since you landed on my website you want to know something about me. The problem is, there’s not much to tell. My name is Debbie Craton, and I’m a doctor. Many people think being a doctor is glamorous. I guess it is if you work as a doctor on TV, but in real life it’s not much different from being, say, a plumber — you can get real satisfaction sometimes from a job well done, but it can get awfully messy in the process.

I was born in Lebanon, Missouri. (You’ll pardon me if I don’t tell you the year this great event occurred.) I only lived there the first six months of my life before my family moved to Bedford, Indiana, where I grew up and where I coerced convinced my husband to move after I finished my residency.

Smokey Bear My mother was a nurse in the hospital here in Bedford for many years, and my father was a research forester with the Hoosier National Forest, which is headquartered in Bedford.

I specialize in family practice medicine and have been in practice here since 1984. I had to give up obstetrics a few years ago because of escalating malpractice insurance costs, but I still enjoy family medicine.

In addition to my work, I also over the years helped herd a household of three boys (four if you count my husband) and numerous cats and other critters. From time to time I’ve had a daughter thrown in the mix through an international student exchange program. Between all these and the little sleep I manage to catch hither and yon, I stay out of trouble for the most part — which means, I guess, that I lead a pretty boring life.

My Family

For more years than I care to recount I’ve been married to a wonderful husband whose name is John Douglas. (Half the people who know him call him John, the other half Douglas; I sometimes call him other names, but we won’t mention those here.) He is a composer and music teacher who is retired from audiology. I’m very devoted to my husband and would never leave him for any reason — unless, of course, Tom Selleck dropped by one day.

We have three grown sons: Ben, who lives in Lafayett, Indiana, with his wife Nyssa; Jonathan, who resides in Snohomish, Washington, with his wife Annie; and Stephen, who has lived variously in Indiana, Virginia, the Philippines, and who now claims Murfreesboro, Tennessee, as his residence. Now you can start pitying me. (Have you ever noticed that TV mothers of three sons tend to die? Witness the old 1960s show “My Three Sons” and all three mothers of the Cartwright boys of the “Bonanza” series. Wonder what that means for me?)

For several years we hosted foreign exchange students from Spain, Germany, Japan, Finland, and Russia. Two of our daughters (Inge from Spain and Anna from Russia) are now attorneys. Anna now lives in Israel; our Japanese daughter, Ryoko, teaches English in Japan; and sadly we have lost touch with our German and Finnish daughters. It’s nice sometimes to think about how we have family all over the globe. It makes the world seem much smaller.

My Hobbies

Dancing. My favorite hobby is dancing — ballroom, tap, and ballet. I actually came to the dance scene rather late in life when a friend and I decided we needed to spice up our dreary lives. We thought that what we needed to do was either have affairs or take tap-dancing lessons. We opted for dancing lessons. I began tap lessons about 17 years ago and have since expanded into ballroom and even some ballet.

My husband always told me that he would never take ballroom dancing lessons with me, so while he was out of state one week visiting his mother in Alabama I signed us up for lessons. I didn’t know whether he would go with me or not, but he agreed to take lessons with me for the eight weeks I’d signed up for. After that I guess my lower lip managed to convince him to keep taking lessons, since he knows he’ll have to live with me whether we take dancing lessons or not — and as I keep reminding him, “If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” He listens well ... though he does remind me from time to time that he was never given the option of taking dance lessons or having an affair.

Collecting things. I do have one rather unusual hobby: collecting armadillos. I have well over 300 different little armadillos all around the house (not live ones, of course) and almost half as many at my office. There’s a story behind that which maybe I’ll post here one of these days, but for now just let it be said that I think armadillos are so ugly they’re cute ... much like my husband. I also used to collect Barbie dolls, a much more “normal” avocation, at least if I were a little girl. I forget how many Barbies I have, but a few years ago I finally decided I had enough and no longer add to the collection. Maybe the reason I collected Barbies was because I never had a Barbie doll when I was little. My favorite doll is “Dr. Barbie.” After a hard day at the clinic she merely turns her coat inside out and is immediately transformed into a gorgeous lady. Would that it were so easy!

Spectator sports. Although I have been accused of being a “sports hater” by our local newspaper (that was because I wanted to emphasize the importance of academics while I was on the school board a few years ago), I enjoy watching both baseball and ice hockey. And being a Hoosier I’d be strange if I weren’t also something of a basketball fan — but hockey is definitely my favorite.

Reading & Writing: A number of years ago I got hooked on romance novels. That’s a funny thing, considering I used to make fun of people who read such “trash.” But when you live in a town like Bedford, it’s nice to escape to Regency England or some other exotic locale on occasion and experience the thrill of romance vicariously. You can visit some of my favorite authors’ websites from the links below. And now that my sons are grown and I had to give up obstetrics, I lately have acquired a taste for writing. Though skeptically optimistic about eventual publication, I have been working off and on for some time on a Romance novel. I also am a regular contributor to an inspirational blog called “God-styled Life with Maggie P” hosted by a friend of mine.

Zumba: Several years ago a friend and I began leading Zumba classes in Bedford. After we had participated in various local classes for nine months, we broke out of our comfort zone and became certified instructors ourselves and now lead others in the Latin-inspired aerobic exercise.

Television viewing: Between reading, writing, dancing, leading Zumba, and working, I don’t watch nearly the amount of television I did in my younger days, but I still have a few favorite shows that I watch as time and opportunity permit. I link to several of them in the list of obligatory Links below.

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