Family Photographs

Family Photographs

So far nearly all the photographs I’ve been able to obtain have been of ancestors in the ancillary lines of my family. Thus there are very few Cratons pictured here. For a list of photos currently online, see below. Individuals with a following their names on the ancestor charts also have photographs posted here.

My father told me that when he was a child his father (Joe Brown Craton) had scores of old photographs in a dresser drawer in his home in Oxford, Alabama. However, after Joe passed away these photographs disappeared. Unless they were given to distant relatives (and believe me, I've checked with all the close ones!), it can only be assumed that Joe’s widow either threw them away or lost them in a subsequent move. At any rate, I have no photographs of scanning quality (photocopies don’t count) of any Craton going any farther back than my grandfather. Hence, my plea to those in possession of other, older photographs.

If you have photos you would be willing to share with the world, please contact me so we can make arrangements for you to sen them to me. If you can help in this, PLEASE DO!

My ancestors whose photographs can be found on this site:

ADAMS, Byrd Scott
ADAMS, James Terrell
ADAMS, John Hoyt
ADAMS, Johnnie Sue
ADAMS, Mavis Ellen
CAMP, Sarah Melvina
CLARK, Jesse Franklin
CRATON, Joseph Arthur
CRATON, Joseph Brown
DEMPSEY, Elizabeth Manilla
DOWDEY, Albert Benjamin
DOWDEY, Annie Pearl
DOWDEY, Henry Grady
DOWDEY, John Terrell
DOWDEY, Mary Ellen
PARNELL, James Edward
PARNELL, Nancy Areacy

The Original Thomas Howell Craton Homestead

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