The Old Homestead

The Old Homestead

The following photographs were sent to me courtesy of Charles T. Craton III. These are reported to be the original homestead of Thomas Howell Craton built shortly after his arrival in Paulding County, Georgia. Through the years that Thomas lived there additions were built onto the structure, but these later additions have all been demolished leaving only the original home. Now being used as a storage shed, there is some effort being made to try to restore the site and apply for a listing as an historical treasure. According to some research Thomas’s farm was burned down by Sherman’s troops during the War Between the States, but evidently the structures razed were some of the additions that had been added. We can only guess that Thomas was not living in the original homestead at the time.

Front view

Back view

Original chimney

Original fireplace

Outer wall
Close-up of outer wall

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