About Moods

What is there really to say about Moods? The idea behind this creation was the cerebral outpouring of the model for these photographs, who shall remain nameless seeing as he is now a prominent public figure and probably would prefer not being too closely associated with this work today.

I was the photographer for this session which took place during our undergraduate days back in 1973 — long before digital cameras and before even the concept of the internet. Though our nasal artiste had been for some time sharing his constantly expanding ideas for this work with those of us in our little creative band, the actual photo session took place as a lark one winter evening when, obviously, we had little else of earthshattering importance to attend to. This may explain the relatively poor quality of some of these photographs. This singular work remained in my sole possession for a number of years (often in hiding as the result of a non-artistic spouse), but having been rediscovered and found to be in deteriorating quality, it was decided to place these masterpieces on the internet for posterity.

Why the nose fetish? Well, why not? In most cultures the heart lies at the center of emotions, but in others the emotional center is the liver, spleen, or even the bowels. As the nose stands as a prominent member of our visage, there seems no reason not to provide it with comparable esteem to represent the central focus of our moods.

No doubt some will be offended by these displays. Those who are may certainly feel free to exercise their right to picket. But we believe most who journey here will be inspired to consider the nose and all it does in defining our humanity.

It is our sincerest hope that those who leave these pages will do so in a better mood than when they arrived.

(Note: If you would like to contribute moods of your own to our worthy collection, feel free to submit your creations via e-mail.)