The Parliament of Fowls
The mp3 files below are simply the Sibelius playback and are not live performances, but they give adequate approximations of the opera. The mp3 of the Introduction demonstrates the movement with string quartet instead of a string ensemble. All other selections are with full string ensemble. Please contact the composer for more information about availability of score and parts.

Introduction (The Procession of Birds)
Nature’s Speech
The Tercels Speak
The Birds Protest the Delay
The Birds Select Their Spokesmen
The Falcon Speaks
The Waterfowl Announce Their Spokesman
The Debate Commences (The Goose and the Sparrowhawk)
The Turtledove Presents His Argument
The Duck and Falcon Argue
The Debate Concludes

Copyright © 2008 by John Craton (ASCAP)

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