Audio Samples

Below you can hear samples of a few selected students. The first audio clip is a recording of Aaron Ritter playing the last two movements of the De Beriot Violin Concerto No. 9 in A minor, op. 104, with the Bloomington Symphony Orchestra. It was with this concerto he won the prestigious BSO Concerto Competition Award in 2004.

Aaron and Alison Mitchell also belong to a small ensemble called Select Strings which recently released their first CD titled Seriously. Below is one track from the album featuring Aaron and Alison in the Tartini Sonata for Two Violins. (Another of my former violin students, Kendal Hodge, is also featured on the CD as a vocalist on two numbers.)

Charles de Beriot. Violin Concerto No. 9 in A Minor, op. 104. Adagio & Rondo: Allegro moderato. Aaron Ritter, violin; Bloomington Symphony Orchestra; Leonardo Panigada, conductor. (9:09, 13.2MB)
Giuseppe Tartini. Sonata for Two Violins in D Major. Aaron Ritter & Alison Mitchell, violins. Select Strings; Martha Ritter, director. (2:43, 3.9MB)

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