Subsequent Paranormal Occurrences

28 March 2017

As there really isn’t much news that ever happens here in Bedford, perhaps I can at least fill up a little space with some rather bizarre events that have been happening around our digs of late. Though I suspect there is going to be a rational explanation for each of these at some point, right now they’re unexplained and are bordering on the creepy when taken in toto.

The first thing we’ve noticed is that a large sideboard that we inherited from my late mother-in-law, and which now sits in our dining room, produces a single but rather loud knock about every hour. It sounds as though it’s coming from the back or top of the unit, but we can’t figure out what on earth it is. For the longest time we just assumed it was stress on the wood as the piece settles into a new place, but it’s been going on now for more than six months. Odd. [Update: The sideboard has since stopped making this noise, gradually diminishing in frequency until finally stopping sometime in 2018.]

Then the other morning I took a shower before my wife did and afterward came into the bedroom to dress while my wife took her shower. As I was nearly done I heard very plainly three knocks on the bedroom door. I thought it was strange that Debbie would knock on the door, as usually she just comes in when she’s done. But then I thought maybe she wants me to see something in the den, so I opened the door only to hear her still in the bathroom. I asked her if she’d knocked on the door, and she insists that she did not ... she hadn’t even left the bathroom. But the knocks were very plain and in a quick tap-tap-tap. Hmm.

But the strangest thing happened last night. Debbie likes to fall asleep with the TV on the Hockey Channel but with the sound turned all the way down. That’s how we fell asleep last night. She usually wakes up briefly a little after midnight and turns the TV off — which is all her remote can do; it can’t adjust volume or change the channels. After she’d switched it off last night, sometime in the middle of the night the TV suddenly turned itself on, and the volume was on full blast. It woke us both up, but I paid little attention to it because I thought maybe Debbie had awakened, seen something she wanted to hear, and somehow had managed to turn the volume up too loud ... though I did wonder why the conversation had nothing whatever to do with hockey but sounded like it was a drama (though neither of us can remember anything that was said). I asked her about it this morning, and she said it had turned itself on. When she looked at the screen, there was nothing there but grey static. And she said it definitely was not on the Hockey Channel. Knowing that if somehow the volume had gotten turned up, I switched on the set this afternoon to lower the volume and change it back to the Hockey Channel for when we go to bed tonight. But the set was still on the Hockey Channel, and the volume was turned all the way down! I then remembered that the set has a timer on it so you can set it to turn itself off after a certain period, and so I thought maybe it has an alarm on it as well and Debbie accidentally had set it to turn itself on. But after checking I found that the set does not have an alarm. This is when things started getting creepy.

13 July 2020

So as not to forget these events entirely (though what is related below happened a few weeks ago) I will recount an unusual occurrence that was both a little disturbing and quite inexplicable.

This occurred in the wee hours of the morning of 18 June — our 42nd wedding anniversary. About 1:00 a.m. I was awakened when our doorbell rang. I did not immediately get up to check on it as I assumed it was most likely kids going up and down the block ringing bells in the middle of the night. Instead I lay in bed for a few minutes, listening for footsteps to scurry off the porch (our bedroom window looks out onto the porch). Usually it is quite easy to hear someone walking on our porch, but I never heard any other sounds. Finally I decided to get up and check things out. But of course, no one was there when I got to the door, and after looking over things on the porch I saw nothing out of order.

We have a Ring doorbell, which records all movement on our porch and especially anytime someone rings the bell, so I decided to pull up the recording from the event to see who it had been. But absolutely nothing was recorded! So there had been no movement on the porch to activate the Ring camera, nor had it been activated by the pushing of the button. This had never happened before, so I have no explanation for why it did this time.

I finally concluded that I must have dreamed that I heard the doorbell, and so I went back to sleep. But the next morning Debbie told me she’d heard the doorbell too, so it wasn’t just my imagination.

Though I cannot explain it, this goes along with the other strange electronic occurrences we’ve had at our house since my mother-in-law died. Debbie is convinced (and I think at least partially for real) that because Carolynn was forever messing up her television and having me come over to fix things that this is now her way to interact with us since she has passed on. At least that makes a good story.

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